Sweet November 


I have always wondered what is it that makes people feel attached to a certain month and here I am all fallen in love with November!

When I look around I found that most people are fascinated by this month. I can actually understand the disguised truth behind this strong affection; it’s love. In this month, I can breath love..I can sleep on love..and I can wake up to the morning’s love. Love is not a person or an outsider desire. Love is you..enjoying your existence in this life .

November’s weather is the most charming of most. It reminds me of the deepest roots of myself. It awakens me when unintentionally I fall asleep. It opens my eyes widely to look at the sky and admire all shades of colors that beautifully paint our world. It holds my hands with empathy to give more, to tolerate more and to be grateful to all tiny details of my life.

November has its own vivid language that speaks softly to all human beings. Even music, candles and coffee have a different taste..everything is sweeter..warmer..and lovelier except humans..every one of them..they are just clearly going through a dilemma that crippled all of them from feeling other humans. True..they can feel love to everything else but not to other of their own.

All pictures of human unity is chattered. I don’t believe it exists anymore. What I believe is that old stories are just told..that novels and poetry are just for entertainment..to amuse but not to be believed and that all humans tears have turned into shiny stars.


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