Respect Is the Chandelier of Influence

Tea Club Is Not Just a Club for Tea!


      Life becomes more interesting when you pay attention to certain small details in your everyday situations. Those little actions in our life is what make our history. Personally, I like to see inspiration everywhere, it can be a tree or a cloud, it may be a cub of coffee, a person or a book. Yet, there is always that one situation you never thought will inspire you.

     One day I was so depressed, I just needed to get out of my home to finish my work and achieve something whatever it is, so I took my book and my laptop and went to a fancy restaurant called “Tea Club” with quiet environment where I can dive easily into myself. I’ve been there once but didn’t like the desert. I don’t know why did I chose that particular restaurant but I guess it’s for the calming atmosphere plus I wanted to give it another chance. I picked a spot, the perfect spot..away from every other table, classic chairs are covered with light brown velvet  and lace white curtains were hanging all over the place.

     I ordered coffee with triple chocolate pancakes and some quiet evening. While waiting, I started reading the book  I brought with me “How to influence people?”. By time I finished a couple of pages; my order has been already on the table and the smell of egg was choking me. You know how egg smells, it can turn your mood down.. It did ! I just couldn’t eat it but the coffee made it up for me. I mean come on! if you have a delicious coffee, it kind of cover it all. Sip after sip, and I’m already fallen into the book I’m holding. I was so fascinated by the idea of the art of influencing others to do whatever you want through manipulating their mindset and that’s not the bad kind of manipulating but the effective good intentional one.

     It’s time to leave, I paid the check and there was a questioner about the quality of the food and stuff like that. I wrote my honest opinion and that the desert makes it a No for me to come here again.  Five minutes later or so, a Saudi guy approached our table. He said “hello! excuse me” and all I thought about was like “who is this? what does he want!” I mean a Saudi guy approaching to you in such a restaurant the first common thought is “Flirting !” Lol right!

    I slowly turned around to look at him and he was holding the questioner I’ve just written! I guess he was the owner. He asked me “what is it exactly you didn’t like and why?” I told him so and so then he responded “you must come again, we are going to fix it and you must try it again. please never leave our restaurant if you are not satisfied. Take it as a rule, and never pay for something that you didn’t like!” I was so shocked!! I’ve never seen such a customer respect. It is really something to marvel at! “Sure!” I told him plainly what I didn’t like and suddenly he called the chef for me and asked me to tell him exactly what to do to make it feel better. He came again to close this weird situation with a nice compliment “such a splendor taste you have! thank you for such comment on our food!”

    Later, they offered me some soothing lavender tea and served me the desert I criticized just the way I like it soft and hot.

     The book I’ve been reading that day “influencing people”, was actually role played out in front of me. The restaurant owner has shown me; that marketing is nothing but paying attention to those minor details, and that wining is not by taking advantage of those who believe they have nothing to do; however it’s giving others the chance to ask for their rights. During that night, it was so clear to me that it’s we, ourselves who belittle ourselves and that we are letting others to take advantage of this delusion. To influence people is to be in their shoes, to listen to their problems and to guid them into solving it in a way that makes the best for your own good.


Note to Tea Club:

There are things that can not be traded by money, here in Tea Club; you sell respect and I am ready to buy all of it, all over gain.


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