Healing is not shutting out the doors
towards what scares you the most,
It’s not running away to the hospital
complaining about what hurts you the most.
Healing is not being healthy
nor having an ideal living body…

is only needed when a situation appears,
in your own young years.
When you act as if you were aware;
Yet then you fall into tears!

Moments after moments,
those tears grow more than you can bear.
They implant your shame,
They polish your immature act of dullness, so soon near..
Their taproots stretch inside your heart;
they stain your brain with a dancing ocean.
Your eyes see no more but immersed blueness…
in the void..
and the whole world turns into slow blurry motion..

Oh dear fragile eyes of yours…
how tied up they are to the unbeknownst.
To the unbeknownst of both your past and your last,
Drinking coffee with your wounds every now and then,
looking out for them,
kissing their foreheads day and night
and you think you are healed?!

There is a remedy for everything, or so they say!
Not sure yet of any remedy, but if so is true I think it’s you!


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