Don’t let me down!

Though all people had withdrawn

Still, I make myself a clown

I could be drown

But I still enjoy purity to be so fast, under water, gone


“I won’t let you down.”

Is it a trap to trust?

Is it someone’s fault to end up in a twisted lust?

Sticking around, thinking till my head’s bounding

Heart and mind are totally freaking

No headlines, no summaries!

Only billions of floating dairies


All those ignorant comments

coming out of millions lips

Are troubling judgments,

just like lost opera soap scripts;

They can tear your heart,

stream your tears down

But they never can be the truth,

They are jaune;

As yellowish as a fake smile could be!


Night after night,

You think you grew up

But surprise!

You are still a child who would trust a stranger

You tell yourself you will be stronger

You will become an icy stoner,

Yet, humanity is infused deep inside all of us

We need to believe, to trust and to promise

Because in other words,

we tend to be attracted to what hurt us

We find remedy in darkness,

We find peace when we dive into sleep,

If you got hurt, know now it’s over

Don’t worry; you are just a human,

Nothing but a part of an empyrean whole!


You are..

A Peace of millions of broken pieces:

Sands that made up the clay!



“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”
― J.M. Barrie




One thought on “Clay_

  1. “You are..
    A Peace of millions of broken pieces:
    Sands that made up the clay!”
    Lump text from the heart.
    The talk about the reluctance some friends is pain in heart, and crowd of tears.

    Liked by 1 person

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