Thinking Out Loud


I have always felt that I’m somehow tied into the void, into that high space, into that sky that cover all of us. When I raised my head to the clouds, it was so clear to me how we can love something so much but we could never get a hold of it. If you are a moon lover, you will probably understand what I really mean by that. I guess it’s this world nature to want what you cannot have, to dream about what is so far away.

Oh dreams! Shall I dream about what I want? it’s right..dreams might be a savior guard when our reality fails us. They might be the thing that helps us to fight against all that emptiness colliding  inside this material world. Yet when I go to sleep, I don’t get to choose my dreams, do I?

For one moment I see something as my golden gate to escape the ugliness that surrounds me but the other moment shows me how wrong I was about all of it. I realized I cannot control everything after all.  That is why we call it life, because it’s changing all the time and nobody catch all over it.

Changing is eating my mind. I mean everyone must go through it otherwise we are dead people. It never compliments you. It has the power to show who you really are. You think you know yourself, you think you get it, but it’s not what you thought. I have been always surprised by the spinning wheel of the future. Believe it or not, it’s always changing. This wheel could take you through so many places that you didn’t even dream about. Ugly and beautiful at the same time exactly as love.

Those words may seem like a chaos to you, yeah? I’m sure they are for I like to write whatever comes to my mind, no certain topic, no certain research, it’s only my heart opening up to you. So let’s talk like children do..let’s be open to everything..alright? I admit it..being a child is not as easy as you think. It’s the hardest role one could ever play.

As a child, you would see only the joy, you would feel only the happiness, and you would care only for those you really love. As a child you would live in the moment and you would have only the moment to think about. As a child you would laugh only when something is funny, you would cry only when you get upset, you would know exactly why you have been crying and why you have been laughing because everything is crystal clear in your eyes. As a child It would be always simple in your mind, it’s either yes or no, nothing in between, no swinging over water or wet ground.

I might like to stay a child forever..who knows?

Who knows? Maybe we should all die young.. because nobody is old enough after all and as they say “age is just a number.” The question is; shall I keep dreaming? shall I hope to catch the moon or at least a star? I guess the answer is; yes, because children never give up, always dreamy, children are simply strong believers and I’m proud to belong to such a crowd.






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