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– Once upon a time I wrote a speech for my students as a reminder of the importance of their time. In class, when I finished reciting those words, one of the students asked me “why don’t you post it somewhere?” So here it is:

What’s Next?
We always hear this question, quit a lot indeed: What’s next? So What Is Next? actually hundreds of books talk about future life. May be you are still young to feel the weight of such a question. To feel the fears related to its answer, the answer that could be greater than yourself, and may be beyond your imagination.

Yet, I want you to bear with me a little and Imagine yourself floating on the seawater after your ship has been wrecked around by the action of those elements of life. When you lay down as a feather, empty without your whole yet beautiful and soft although you feel alone. Light in weight yet heavy in mind…Did you imagine the scene? You, alone… nothing there but waves that hug you tenderly, nothing there but teary drops streaming down from the sky only to cleanse your dirty soul. Exactly…I’m talking about that exact moment, that ultimate point of your life, when you realize that this life is yours and nobody else’s. The world is you, you are the center of your earth and skies, you are the queen of your kingdoms. You are everything to yourself. You are the controller over everything around.

So What is next? What fears can be held inside? What demons have been hidden deep? What dreams have been driven away?
You may look at that sky, reflect upon those clouds trying to climb that blazing sun, and think to yourself. Why not swimming to the shore? Why not trying to?
But you discover. You never learned to swim.. You don’t know how to do it!!!
Here comes the most important question…
The very totally different question instead of “What is next?”..
“What was before?” “What were you before?” “What did you have before, you don’t have anymore?” “where were you when you had the leisure of time? When you had all those people around?.” “Why you didn’t make the best out of it?”.

I’m not here to let you all dig into your past. Yet I want to draw your attention to the very importance of your present, the present which at the end of this day will be a piece of art hanging on the walls of your memory. That piece of art in your mind, it could be ugly or beautiful… it all depends on the way you see things, it all depends on the way you use things such as time and knowledge. Soon you will be all graduates, you will feel it, the pain of losing a plan for life, the pain of living the void of your soul…of being alone in control. All those hideous thoughts will come to visit and only thence, you will say ” I wish if I could go back in time and do more.”, To say “I wish that I worked harder to be the best version of myself.”

Don’t you worry, late is always better than never. You have the chance today to find yourself. So seize the opportunity, cling into it. Invest in your past because it’s what makes you, you?. I don’t know why, but I always find the story of the Great Gatsby to be a very interesting and inspiring one. Although it has a sad ending, it delivers a true message about life that we live today…I remember those last words at the very end of that novel: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past.” It’s the past we come from and it’s the past we will become.

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