Our lives, my friends, have their own ways to show us who we really are. No! I’m not talking about that ideal picture that we grew up drawing for ourselves because we, as human being, we tend to overrate everything related to us,  for our ego controls our images, that’s why when we see ourselves in the eyes of ourselves we find that we are mostly beautiful and colorful, may be a garden full of butterflies!.

This beautiful picture of you and you and me and all of’s what made us to this position where we stand silently afraid of what others might think of us..or maybe what ourselves might feel when we disappoint the that’s the reason we are always afraid and insecure toward anything that could shatter that beautiful image. However, life is stronger, it has the power that can defeat our ego.

When life gives you a challenge. When life puts you in a painful drama. When life tests your confidence. When life leaves you in the middle of no where, no one to hold on, no one to feel, no one to’s only you and the sky. What are you going to do? Run away? Nah! That’s not you! Don not listen to that false voice! It’s’s a mask of fear! Seriously? Are you going to listen to it? What are you? a slave of fear? Believe me when I say No one on earth would enjoy the biter feelings of slavery, people in old ages would rather die to be freed than to be slaves..What is freedom anyway? Isn’t it being yourself?

Dear friend,

Life gives you freedom with all of its hardships..welcome them..welcome the pain, the tears, the tiredness and every possible ache that could lighten your way to see yourself in a better shape.

So do you think that you have the courage to be insane to love the pain? Then be it. Take a chance on the unknown and feel all the obsticals ..cause a free soul will never fall, it will heal itself and fly again.


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